1. What is picyourlife.com?

Picyourlife.com is your personal space on the net where you can upload all your pictures in original format, share with friends and family, develop your albums online and look through images of your life in a simple and easy away.

2. I already have my photos on my PC, mobile phone, social networks and other websites. Why do I need picyourlife.com?

That is the question: We have so many photos but in so many different places that a lot of times we end up not knowing where they are or we cannot just take a quick look at all the photos from various moments throughout our lives.

Picyourlife.com allows you to import all your photos and perfectly order them in just one totally secure place.

3. What is the difference between Gallery and Album?

Photos on picyourlife.com are uploaded into your galleries, where you need to enter a title, description, month/year, location and privacy settings.

When you upload a new gallery an album is generated automatically with the same images from the gallery. You can modify the albums, adding or deleting photos without it affecting your galleries.

You can also create new albums combining photos from your galleries.

On picyourlife.com you can share galleries as well as albums.

When you share a gallery you are sharing your images with the location and date, whereas when you share an album you are only sharing your images.

This allows you to choose what to share and with whom..

4. Who can view my photos on picyourlife.com?

Only whom you choose and nobody else. You can amend the privacy settings in every album and gallery at any time allowing you to select just family, just friends, just you or whichever new personalised group you have created (for example work colleagues, school friends etc.).

5. All right, you have convinced me. How do I upload my photos into picyourlife.com?

It could not be easier. You can upload your photos from your computer or import them from any album you have previously created on Facebook, Picasa or Flickr in a matter of seconds.

6. How can I invite my friends to picyourlife?

From the “Contacts” menu you can send individual invitations by entering a friend’s email address or alternatively you can send multiple invitations using your contact list in Google or Yahoo.

7. What is the picyourlife graph?

It is an illustration of the pictures from your life throughout time.

Whilst you upload galleries columns are created for each space of time, the more photos you upload the higher columns will be.

From the graph you can see the detail of galleries for each space of time and by clicking on the columns you can look through your images by year first and then month..

8. What is picyourmap?

It is your personal map that will help you to find and access your holiday photos easily.

9. What is picyouralbum?

On picyouralbum you will find all your albums, the ones automatically generated from your galleries as well as the new ones you create.

Apart from sharing them with your contacts, from picyouralbum you can also develop your albums online, choosing the paper format you want and also a great variety of photographic products based on the images you uploaded: albums, canvas, posters, mugs...

You can receive the orders you make at home or send them as a gift to the address you choose..

10. What is a Group album? How can I create one?

It is an album in which you give permission to a group or group of contacts to add photos meaning that you can all share all of the images from a particular event: holidays, celebrations…

When you create or edit and album you can choose which group or group of contacts can add photos to your album, it is that easy.

The person who creates the group album will be the administrator and only the administrator can control who can add photos, the rest within the group cannot.

All the members of the group will appear in the group album menu in picyouralbum. If you are the administrator you will appear in yellow and if you are a member but not administrator you will appear in white..

11. What is picyourtree?

It is your personal tree where you can add and organize your contacts and access the photos they have shared with you.

12. How do I get my contacts to appear on My Tree?

When adding or editing a contact from "Contacts" the text you enter in the field "Type of Relationship" will be the one which appears on your tree.

13. What is a public profile on picyourlife.com?

If you activate the public profile, picyourlife.com will generate a page where you can share your public albums and details with the public.

Your photos can be rated, commented on and shared by the picyourlife.com users on other social networks meaning you could also gain more followers.

You can contact and receive messages from any user at your picyourlife.com Inbox.

Although you activate your public profile, you will still have control of your privacy settings of every album all the time, so nobody can view anything without your authorization..

14. Can any picyourlife.com user view my photos?

No, only if this user is a contact of yours but always depending on the privacy settings you have chosen for each gallery or album.

15. What images of my contacts can I view? What images of mine can they view?

You can view the images of your contacts that they authorize according to their privacy settings in their gallery or album.

In the same way, your contacts will only view those galleries or albums you have shared with them.

16. Can a person not registered on picyourlife.com view my photos?

Yes, but only those associated to your public profile providing you activate this facility.

You can also invite any friend of yours to view your albums by entering an email address so they will receive an invitation with a link on their inbox.

By clicking on the invitation link they will be taken to the registration page.

Once registered they can view the album you shared with them..

17. How much free storage space is given upon registering?

Just by registering in Picyourlife you will be given 2 GB of free secure storage for your photos.

18. How can I obtain more storage space on my account?

Very simple, apart from the 2 GB of free storage given at the time of registration you can obtain up to an additional 3 GB by sending invitations to your friends and for every friend that registers in picyourlife you will obtain 500 MB of storage on your account up to a maximum of 3 GB (6 registered invitations).

The invitations can be sent from either the “Contacts” menu or from “My Space”.

You can also contract all the extra space you require from “My Space”. From here you can select the storage blocks which most fit your needs and enjoy them for a year after which time you can renew them annually.

You can contract more than one storage block if needed, the storage blocks you contract are accumulated.

If you require further information regarding the contract conditions these can be found at the bottom of the page under “Contract Terms & Conditions”..

19. How can I download photos from my account?

Within your profile in the section “Image Gallery” you can find the button “Download Photos”.

Once you have clicked here you can select the photos you wish to download and it will generate a file from which you can save the photos on the device you specify..

20. How can I delete photos from my account?

Within your profile in the section “Image Gallery” you can find the button “Delete Photos”.

Once you have clicked here you can select the photos you wish to delete and once confirmed the selected photos will be deleted permanently with no way to recuperate them from the system.

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